Little Adventures in London: Holland Park


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Hellooo and welcome back to my ‘Little adventures in London’ blog series! Recently I had revisited one of my favourite outdoor spots in the city, that is Holland Park. This park is based in the flush borough of Kensington and Chelsea, so of course I had to stop by and capture the row of beautiful homes on my way there. I had only discovered this place last year where I had completely fallen in love with it and now over a year later with my A levels done and dusted, it’s still enchanting as ever. Luckily for me it was a pretty sunny day so I got to fully experience and appreciate it, in all it’s elegance. I’d say it’s also a rather diverse spot as its filled with many surprises. The further you go into the park, the more you discover.

Happy reading! ⚘

As me and my best friend were making our way down to the park, we were immediately drawn to the cutest building that was completely coated in flowers from top to bottom. Turns out that it is probably the most instagrammable pub in London and I am still obsessed!

Not a cloud in sight, it was a beautiful hot day to reflect how gorgeous this area was. It was filled with a lot of spirit and colour, with brightly coloured flowers at every stop…

….and the prettiest house exteriors too.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Already feeling like a sweaty hot mess before the day had barely begun, we had reached the entrance of the park. We followed the pathway to guide us around the different parts of the park as it is quite large (54 acres) and were initially taken into a woodland. I realised that we hadn’t even reached the exciting parts yet but something about this bit was very serene.

Tucked away under the trees, this place is completely overrun with greenery. We were also met by a portrait statue of the owner, the third Lord Holland. This park was previously a mansion entitled the Holland House back in the 19th century.

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Ah, my favourite bit! Centered at the heart of the park, this is the Japanese Kyoto Garden. Although it is quite small, it’s worth the visit. As you walk into the garden, you’re introduced to a delightful open space where there is a pond with stone lanterns surrounding it.

We also got to meet some of the inhabitants of the garden. Free roaming peacocks and I’m pretty sure a squirrel was about to grab a hold of my hair when I went to sit down…

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

There are quite a few water features in the garden but the waterfalls are the main attraction, in which you might be able to note the bright orange koi fish too.

The water spouted and streamed, in return it had created soft quenching sounds that had lapped over each other.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We then went further into the park where there are more common areas, with a café and even more gardens. Walking into the larger floral garden, it appeared to look like an entire maze of blooms that was cultivated for its beauty. I was allured by the pops of colour that had reflected the summer season. My favourite flowers had to be the fiery coloured blooms. Also props to whoever maintains the plant life here, it’s very well kept.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

There’s also a lot of seating spaces around this section, so you can just sit back and relax whilst appreciating the decorative view. We decided to sit in a lovely little seat that sits under an arch. (I’m more used to being behind the camera rather than in front, which is why I look so damn awkward heh) I also thought it would be nice to just show you my outfit from this day, I love love love these pinstripe trousers.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

As the day slowly came to a close, the last pit stop we made was to the Fukushima memorial garden. Positioned in the center of this space is a water fountain where you could take a calming stroll around it. There is also a brick archway that showcases a mural based on the social elites of the 1870s. Additionally beyond this archway is an even smaller rose garden.

So if you’re ever in the mood to visit a different kind of open air scene or simply just looking for a relaxing day out, there is the beautiful Holland Park. And although there’s still a crap ton of places I missed out on in this visit (plus imagine how long that post would’ve been if I did), I had an amazing time here as always. I’d also like to know, wherever you live, what are some of your favourite outdoor places to visit?

Until the next time,
Tammy xx

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Glitter Tears – Editorial Feature

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Recently I’ve been wanting to go beyond an everyday look and experiment with make up – because why not? Make up can be explorative and be used for fun, so I went ahead and created this pretty and pink make up look. I would say it is more editorial (used in photography, magazines and in fashion) than the usual make up looks. But guess what guys! It’s all affordable as they are mainly from drugstore brands such as Sleek Make up.

I’ve also created this mini video (via tumblr – click this link) that I had lots of fun creating, showing bits of the process and outcome of this look. All the products are listed below and I hope you enjoy!


1. Eyebrows:

Filling in the brows – Sleek Eyebrow Kit
To clean up the brows – Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
Eyebrow bone highlight in Light tanSmashbox Full Exposure Palette

Eye Makeup:

2. Transition shade/sMac Bronzing Powder , Maroon red shade in the Sleek Ultra Matts Palette and the  Matte pink/purple shade from the Sleek i-Divine Celestial Palette 445 (Limited Edition).

3. Base Colour/s Sleek Ultra Matts Palette

  • White colour for the center of the lid
  • Yellow nude also for the center of the lid
  • Dark plum purple packed near the tear duct and the upper lash line

4. Glitter Eyelid Colour/s
To stick the glitter – Hustle 4Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner


5. Waterline

  • Matte pink/purple shade  Sleek i-Divine Celestial Palette 445
  • Dark plum purple packed near the tear duct and the lower lash line – Sleek Ultra Matts Palette

6. Glitter on the water line and extended – Same products for the eyelid ^

7. Mascara – Smashbox Full Exposure


Thanks for reading this post! x




Little adventures in London: Camden Town



I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something but it’s been pretty full on with A-levels. However, I’m here now to update you with all the fun things I’ve been getting up to.

There are many places in London that I usually go to if I wanted to get some inspiration and to have a good time. But I have to admit that  Camden is one place that I will never get bored of. This place will always be great for its cultural and artistic features.  I particularly enjoy and love the markets, foods and the people.

Another trait in which Camden Town is known for, is the art. There is always something art-related occurring and it’s inspiring. As I was walking along the pavements heading towards the Regents Canal, there is a man who simply sits down on the floor and has pieces of printings and chalks. Usually the printed papers are portraits of well known icons such as Amy Winehouse and Nelson Mandela, however he simply analyses these images so well and creates wonderfully made portraits on the streets of Camden – only from chalk as his medium – which I think is pretty amazing. The only worrying thing is that he knows that this art won’t last very long (rainy England of course) yet he continues to do it.





As I went here with my nerd bestfriend, we decided to visit the ‘Mega City Comics’, comic book store which is located behind some market stalls. This place has really good deals and coming from someone who doesn’t know much about comic books – it’s still pretty amazing. It is filled with different genres, from superheroes to Anime. There is something for everyone. Really, you could even simply admire the art of it.

Anyways, hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I hope to continue to share my experiences with you (even if it is poorly timed).

Until the next time,Tammy xx

Little adventures in London: Horniman Museum and Gardens



This post is all about my little trip to the Horniman Museum and Gardens in Forest Hill. I went here with my sister and we had such a great time exploring this place during the summer holidays, I miss the summer so much already.

This place was such a quirky little area and it’s filled with surprisingly the most peculiar things such as a mini zoo with alpaca’s, a museum exploring the African culture and a cute children’s playground where they get to play around with instruments. This place surprised both me and my sister and it’s definitely a great place to just relax and appreciate nature. If you’re a person who likes to be in a peaceful environment and loves the smell of alpaca poop then this is your place! (No, I’m kidding about the poop.)

The gardens at Horniman are a gorgeous environment full of pretty little flowers and a sweet bandstand where people could have an intimate ceremony or somewhere to exchange their vows, which I found quite special.

When we had visited the museum it was fascinating to us as it was filled with various different historian artifacts from natural history to the African culture. It let us discover their understanding and how different it is compared to our everyday lives. Although, I’m not a museum kind of girl, it was something new.



I’m going to end this post off here but I hope you enjoyed me sharing my little outing. Leave a “like” if you’d like to see more posts about other places I discover and visit 🙂

Bye for now xx